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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

R.U.S.H Mobile Java Games

R.U.S.H 176x208 : Ziddu Depositfiles
R.U.S.H 176x220 : Ziddu Depositfiles
R.U.S.H 240x320 : Ziddu Depositfiles

R.U.S.H Mobile Java Games by Qplaze 2009 - Speed is a drug.It is addictive, causes hand shiver and if you really experienced it once you'll want to try again. To feel once again how gas pedal is obeyingly pressed down to its limit, how drone of the superpower engine grows to roaring, and the lights of other cars dart past and leave far behind.Speed is always not enough. No matter how fast road signs pass by outside the window, how fast the road flies – they do it too slow, and you want to accelerate their motion - down to the endurance limit of the metal, carbon and human consciousness. Speed is pleasure verging on self-destruction, it is balancing on the narrow border between checked maneuver and turning into vortex of splinters, between temporary victory and absolute failure that is unbearable. Speed is a drug. And as any drug, too high dose of it can become fatal.

R.U.S.H features :
  • Stunning speed and dynamics of the game;
  • Realistic physics of control, crashes and catastrophes;
  • Vivid cinematographic special effects – explosions, blowing up cars and bursts of fire;
  • Dynamic 3D surrounding, snowed up highways and death-defying night races;
  • Possibility to place your records in the Internet and compete in virtual championships with other players;
  • Musical illustration and sound effects of explosions and crashes;
  • Simple and clear controls, and highly addictive gameplay;
  • System of hints at low levels of difficulty;
  • High speed of operation on all modern 3D phones models;
  • Game is available in 10 languages – Russian, English, Ukrainian, German, Italian, French, Czech, Spanish, Polish.
  • Languages:EN,FR,IT,DE,ES,PL,CZ,UA,RU
R.U.S.H installation :
  • Remember not to rename the jar or jad file.
  • Put the jar and jad file in same folder
  • Install the jad file
  • Enjoy the full version!
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