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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Family Feud

Your job is to guess what 100 people said when they answered survey questions. Each round lets you earn more points. Get a high enough score and you get to play the Fast Money bonus round!

Family Feud keeps you on your toes by challenging you to think of popular answers to survey questions as quick as you can.

Try to guess what the best answer would be to questions like:

• Name something a cat has that humans don’t
• What food is New York famous for
• Name something that gets engraved
• and over 2,000 more surveys that are just as fun!

The great part about this game is that you can play by yourself or against other people. When playing others, you each compete to press a buzzer key to answer the question, just like in the game show. Great for parties, family gatherings, or to compete against friends, the multiplayer mode in the game is really fun!

Get the most points and you get to play the Fast Money bonus round! You get 2 chances to name the top answers to 5 questions and score 200 points. If you do, you win the grand prize!


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