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Sunday, May 17, 2009

BMS Business Music System 4.05

BMS is a software package that plays background music or announcements. Install BMS on a central computer connected to the PA system to create a powerful hard disk audio player that fully automates the scheduling and mixing of your music or announcements.

* Create unique environments with zoned music that suits your business and patrons.
* Use your existing computer and play through your store’s speakers.
* Set and forget when your music, announcements and advertisements play by creating automated scheduled playlists.

BMS is an all-in-one program for playing music, announcements and advertisements in your store or workplace. This light-weight and incredibly powerful program will improve the mood of your business and encourage your customers to stay longer and buy more.

Casinos and Hotels and Restaurants
Different areas (zones) receive different music and messages

Supermarkets and Convenience Stores
Background music, promotional messages and paging

Large Retail stores
zoning specific departments with the ability to page customers/employees and promotional messages

Shopping Malls
Schedule closing time hours announcements and other promotional messaging as well as background music



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