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Monday, February 16, 2009

XPLife 2.2

XPLife 2.2 - This program is intended to change the interface Windows XP 32-bit one click. A distinctive feature of XPLife is a stable job and support for two system restore points. With the transformation of the system, change a great number of icons, pictures, add new features, sounds, cursors, upgraded from 330 to 360 system files, depending on system configuration, with about 3000 resources.

Windows interface is designed in multiple colors, style, three and three subjects, the choice to satisfy even the most demanding users. The package includes several additional applications that can be turned off if desired. For example, if there is no requirement to use the sidebar, you can remove it from the autorun, or even from your computer without affecting the program. Complete a sufficient number of sidebar gadgets, but if you prefer, you can add new ones.

XPLife very simple and intuitive. One-click Windows and transformed beyond recognition. In the menu there are comments that will help to do the right.

New in version 2.2:

Created 5 new styles of design including Vista and Seven, as well as developed ones.
Available in a choice of styles immediately after the first run.
Now you can install additional processing.
Added full compatibility with Windows XP Home Edition.
Supported OS: only Windows XP x86 SP3 (32-bit).

Size : 82,8 MB


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