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Monday, February 9, 2009

Dj Sundalong Bata & Miss Ganda - Hip-Rap ( 2008 )

[Image: dj_sundalong_bata_and_miss_ganda-hi.jpg]
[Image: dj_sundalong_bata_and_miss_ganda-hip_rap_b.jpg]

1. Lawlaw (Low)
2. Payong (Umbrella)
3. Binibining Ganda(Beautiful Girls)
4. Sundalong Bata(Crank That)
5. Isisi Mo Sa Akin(Sorry, Blame It On Me)
6. Lampa (Ika'y Mag-Ingat) (Clumsy)
7. Sa'Yo (With You)
8. Sugat Sa Puso (Bleeding Love)
9. Ms. Binibining Ganda (Beautiful Girls)
10. Wag Mong Pigilan (Awit Ng Tugtugan) (Don't Stop The Music)

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