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Friday, July 31, 2009


VistaMizer modifies your system files, so that when you reboot after installing VistaMizer, you won't even remember how your old desktop looked like.

With VistaMizer you are now able to transform your Windows XP, MCE or Server 2003 by giving it the look of Windows Vista.Therefore over 400 files with new Icons, pictures as well as videos are modified.

This means that VistaMizer does not provide own files and change your system files. That has the advantage that VistaMizer works with each language and no changes of the language specifics are made.

The installer is so developed that you have completely the change which will be modified and which not. Even if you select files, which are possibly not at all on your system available or not compatible, the application recognizes this and jumps over these. This ensures that the system does not become unstable because of wrong modification.

After updates if your system data are overwritten, then a renewal of these is possible by using an extra program that is linked by the VistaMizer. The application examines thereby, which files are updated and re-modify only these. This means a very fast re-modification and it is always the current data in the Backup.

However if the result of the installation should not assure to you, you have the possibility to get back the old system by an un-installation. If newer files are already present in the system by updates, this is recognized by the un-installer and only the modified files will be replaced.

Here are some key features of "VistaMizer":

· Vista-Look for Windows XP, MCE or Server 2003
· Modification of the own system files
· multilingual
· completely free choice for the modification files
· check the files for compatibility during the installation
· backup from the original system files
· re-modification of the system files after Windows Updates
· rebuilding of the original system files with un-installation

What's New in This Release:

· problem with the assumption of the sounds, barrier PAPER, etc. repaired
· errors with the De-Installations routine repaired

If u need a KeyGen, serial number and crack, please used Craagle 1.91

Screenshot :

Size: 18.6 mB
Publisher: Visit Website
OS: Windows XP / 2003


Hide Your IP Address v.1.0

Hide Your IP Address v.1.0

Hide Your IP Address purpose is to guard your privacy in Internet by changing your Internet IP Address. Start to surf anonymously. You can immediately take advantage of this handy and award winning software. The software will protect your Identity and Stop Hackers. Here is a short feature-list of this award winning software that gives you your privacy back!

- Protect and hide your Identity through hiding your IP address
- Prevent hackers from breaking into your computer
- Allows you to enter pages which are forbidden for you
- Changes your IP address (and your location)
- Delete information about ALL your internet activity
- Add your own Proxies and use your favorites

Paste the Patch into the installation directory, eg - C:\Programs and Files\Hide Your IP Address.
Open the Patch, make sure 'Make Backup' is ticked and click Patch.
You can now delete the Patch from the installation directory.
Open up Hide Your IP Address and a box will come up, click Register.
Type in anything you want for Name, E-Mail and Serial Key
Click Register then OK.
Restart Hide Your IP Address and you'll see its activated!


Portable Mozilla Firefox 3 Hacked 10X times more faster

Portable Mozilla Firefox 3 Hacked  10X times more faster
Free download Portable Mozilla Firefox 3 Hacked 10X times more faster

The grand opening Firefox 3.0 Hacked Edition
This is one special Firefox 3,because is 10x times faster than the usual.There is added hack to that + skiping registering of some sites.
It has a auto-run who is showing some links and you're gonna run Mozilla from there.The size of this Firefox is about 8000KB because it's portable.
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Monday, June 29, 2009



Downlaod :


Corel Painter Essentials 4.0.051

If you want to do more than just edit and print your photos, Corel® Painter™ Essentials 4 is the ideal way to get started with digital art. Create a painting from a photo in just 3 easy steps. Sketch or paint on a blank canvas to produce an original image, and add creative elements to any digital project. With handy tools, brushes, paints and effects, you’ll find new ways to work with photographs and express your vision.

Create a painting from a photo in just 3 steps

1. Open the photo you want to paint in the Source Image palette. Your photo will be saved with the Painter Essentials file format, so it’s easy to return to a project later.
2. Choose one of the preset painting styles from the menus on the Auto-Painting palette to get the look you want.
3. Let new Smart Stroke™ technology help you create stunning paintings with brush strokes that follow the natural lines and contours in your photo.


Discover a completely redesigned workspace that improves color selection and helps you explore different brushes, media and paper.

System Requirements

Windows® version:

* Windows Vista® or Windows® XP (with latest Service Pack)
* Pentium® III, 700 MHz or greater
* 256 MB RAM
* Mouse or tablet
* 24-bit color display
* 1024 x 768 screen resolution
* 1 GB of HD space for installation

Download :

Windows XP SP3 180 Edition 2009

This will also have speed enchancments etc. This will all around be a better xp
Come with these preinstalled apps
CCleaner 2.18.878
Firefox 3.0.8

GIMP 2.6.6
Java Runtime Environment 6 Update 13
Notepad++ 5.3.1
Safari 3.2.2
uTorrent 1.8.2
VirtualBox 2.1.4
VLC 0.9.9

New installation Background
New Boot Background
New Theme
New Background


Windows Vista Ultimate : Highly Compressed : Working Updates

Bootable ISO
Retail Version - Working Crack Download Below
Working Updates
x86 (32bit)

-Removed : Tablet PC
-Removed : Intergrated Languages (529MB Difference)
-Removed : Alot Of Useless Programs
-For Aero, Download Your Video Drivers
-Backs up all your files in a folder called ”Windows.old.”

How to Install:
-Unrar The Files
-Make Bootable ISO With PowerISO
-Burn on CD
-Dont Enter Serial (Crack After Install)

Download :




VSO ConvertXtoDVD Portable Multilanguage

VSO ConvertXtoDVD Portable Multilanguage

ConvertXtoDVD (formerly DivxToDVD) is a software to convert and burn your videos to DVD. With ConvertXtoDVD and in a few clicks you can backup your movies to DVD playable on any home DVD player.
ConvertXtoDVD supports most popular format such Xvid, MOV, VOB, Mpeg, Mpeg4, MP4, AVI, WMV, DV and stream formats. ConvertXtoDVD converts your files into a compliant DVD Video set of files and burns it on a DVD media.

* Supported video formats: DivX, Xvid, MPEG4, MOV, AVI, WMV, WMV HD, DV and more…

* Supported sources: existing files from digital camcorders, TV/Sat, capture cards
* Can merge up to 4 hours of material from several movies or episodes
* Supported audio formats: AC3, DTS, PCM, OGG, MP3, and more…
* Handles subtitles files (.SRT .SUB/IDX) with color and font selection, and supports tags (italic, bold)
* Video format choice: NTSC, PAL, or automatic and PULL-DOWN
* Picture output: Widescreen, Fullscreen, or automatic
* Create Automatic chapters or edit your owns
* Fast preview mode to check if the source is loaded correctly
* Save the DVD structure on hard drive or burn it to a blank DVD.
* Reliable burn engine integrated (supports all DVD formats)
* Fast and quality encoder (typically less than 1 hour for converting 1 movie)
* Variable options and settings for advanced users
* Control of the conversion speed vs quality
* DVD Menu control (auto-start, loop etc)
* DVD Menu edition (background, fond, color)
* Customizable interface (themes, dockable windows)
* Optimized for Windows 2000 / XP / Vista

Download RapidShare
Download MegaUpload

Windows Vista Ultimate/Business/Home Premium/Home Basic SP2 64 Bit (May 2009)

Windows Vista Ultimate/Business/Home Premium/Home Basic SP2 64 Bit (May 2009)

File: en_windows_vista_sp2_x64_dvd_342267.iso
Size: 3 861 460 992 bytes

MD5: A1C024D7ABAF34BAC3368E88EFBC2574
SHA1: AAEE3C04533899F9F8C4AE0C4250EF5FAFBE29A3
CRC32: 80B2EDB5

For Keys and Activation : http;//

Download Links:

Monday, June 15, 2009

Windows Media Player 12

Windows Media Player 12

RAR | 30.5MB | Windows Media Player 12

Windows Media Player 12 Release 2008
Windows Media Player (WMP) is a digital media player and media library application developed by Microsoft that is used for playing audio, video and viewing images on personal computers running the Microsoft Windows operating system, as well as on Pocket PC and Windows Mobile-based devices. Editions of Windows Media Player were also released for Mac OS, Mac OS X and Solaris but development of these has since been discontinued.


120 Free Windows Media Player 11 Skins

120 Free Windows Media Player 11 Skins

120 Free Windows Media Player 11 Skins

Windows Media Player (WMP) is one of default media player for playing movie, Video and Audio files in windows Operating system. Windows Media Player is available as default player from Microsoft Windows 98. Over a period WMP has been enhanced in many ways not only in terms of Graphics and new GUI but also features and supports various codec and file format.

Many Users love to customize their Windows Skins and Theme same goes for Windows Media Player. Default Skin of Windows Media Player 11 (WML 11) is pretty good but you might get bored with this skin. I have collected some free skins for Windows Media Player 11.

25 Free Windows Media Player 11 Skin – WML 11
These cool and stylish windows media player 11 skin is based on games title and movie title
120 Free Windows Media Player 11 Skins

Download File Size: 30.9MB

95 Exclusive & Latest Skins for Windows Media Player 11
This Skin Pack Includes 95 Latest Windows Media Player 11 Skins
120 Free Windows Media Player 11 Skins

Walkman 1.0 Skin for Windows Media Player 11
120 Free Windows Media Player 11 Skins

Microsoft Plus! For Windows Xp Superpack (Works With Vista) | 355MB

Microsoft Plus! for Windows XP
Marketed as ”The Ultimate Companion for Windows XP”, Microsoft Plus! for Windows XP was launched alongside the Windows XP operating system on October 25, 2001. This version of Plus! was created to show off the enhanced capabilities that Windows XP presented with its updated Windows Media Player and DirectX 3D core technologies. Continuing the feature categories of the previous Plus! products, the product features were desktop themes, screen savers, games, and utilities.

Easily create amazing slideshows with your digital photos
Create photo slideshows with your own narration, music, and effects that you can share through e-mail or Video CDs that play on most home DVD players.

Screensavers and Themes
Personalize your PC with screen savers and themes
Enjoy eight astounding screen savers and four stunning themes. Experience a life-like 3-D marine aquarium, take a ride into outer space, and more!

Take a break with fun and exciting games
Get a new spin on bowling, navigate challenging 3-D mazes, or test your quick
puzzle-solving skills.

Music Take your music to the max
Easily create CD/DVD labels and inserts. Enjoy colorful skins, party mode, and desktop dancers for W!nd0w$ Media Player. And more!

Turn your home movies into a Hollywood production
Make your movies even more impressive with 50 video effects and transitions for W!nd0w$ movie Maker 2
Plus! for Windows XP includes:

* Plus! Themes
* Plus! Screen Savers
* Plus! Voice Command for Windows Media Player
* Plus! Personal DJ
* Plus! MP3 Converter
* Plus! CD Label Maker
* Plus! Speaker Enhancement
* Plus! 3D Visualizations for Windows Media Player
* Plus! Skins for Windows Media Player
* Plus! Hyperbowl
* Plus! Russian Square
* Plus! Labyrinth

Download Links:

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Bathroom Wallpapers

30 JPEG / 4296*5728 / 300dpi / 85.6mb

Collection Wallpapers

145 JPEG / 1600*1200 / 96dpi / 36.7mb

Cars Wallpapers

169 JPEG / 1600*1200 / 96dpi / 49.4mb

Large and high quality wallpapers of Antarctica

Large and high quality wallpapers of Antarctica
10 JPEG | 3200х1200 | 5.6 MB

Clay teapots - Psd

Clay teapots - Psd
2 PSD | 300 dpi | 2480x3508 | 21 mb


PGWARE GameGain v2.5.25.2009

PGWARE GameGain v2.5.25.2009 | 1.98 MB

GameGain is a tool that optimizes your system's performance and makes your games run better.GameGain is based off our popular PCMedik software GameGain differentiates itself by focusing entirely on gaming performance upgrades only.Playing computer games that run entirely too slow or show poor performance? GameGain attempts to solve such problems and at the same time increase computing performance.

GameGain boosts your computer gaming performance by modifying several system settings, so you can now use that old computer or new computer of yours as your primary gaming station. No installation or modification needs to be made to your hardware, GameGain does all the complicated settings for you instantly.

GameGain works on all 32 bit platforms of Windows. From Windows 95 up to the latest Windows XP you will enjoy the benefits that GameGain will bring.Simply choose your operating system, select the processor type you're using and then choose the speed setting you want and hit the 'GO' button and you will notice performance increases for gaming that your computer has never seen before.We wont promise that GameGain will do wonders and make your computer work at astronomical speeds, but you will notice your computer working much smoother and overall performance greatly improved.

Features of "GameGain":
· Makes direct changes to system registry and system files to enhance memory, screen drawing, animations, refresh rates, cpu threading speeds.
· Automatically adjusts settings and changes made based on computer specifications, complete fault tolerance system implemented.
· Proven technology which can double the frames per second rate in games such as id Software's DOOM 3 and similar shooters.
· Deep system analyzer and diagnostic features which attempt to find and repair any potential problems with the computer affecting its performance.
· Advanced software based over-clocking features to enhance memory and cpu priorities.
· Easy and intuitive user interface which performs all setting changes immediately.
· Try before you buy licensing with FREE lifetime upgrades and quality technical support.

· Microsoft Internet Explorer 4 or higher
· Intel Pentium 90 MHz or higher (P 166 MHz recommended)
· 8 Mb RAM (32 Mb recommended)
· 5 Mb hard disk space
· VGA or higher resolution monitor
· Mouse or other pointing device

What's New:
· Fixed bug where software would not report publisher correctly with Windows Defender. Also updated the certificate to sign the installer with.

Cowon JetAudio Plus VX Retail

Cowon JetAudio Plus VX Retail | 25 Mb

JetAudio is integrated multimedia software composed of a single compact rack. Not only does it play various music and video files, but it also has other features such as CD burning, recording, conversion to other file formats, and so on. In addition to these features, you have the ability to create your own Internet Broadcasting by using JetCast, which is provided with JetAudio. Play all major file formats and discs, including WAV, MP3, MP3Pro, OGG, WMA, MPG, AVI, WMV, MIDI, RM, and video, and audio CD.
- Supports All Major File Formats, Video Conversion, Audio CD burning, Recording, Tag Editing, Multi-channel sound ouput, Crossfade, Skin, Subtitles, Internet CD Database, Convenient album management & Playlist, Utilities, Remote Controller, Media Center Window, Audio Conversion, Audio CD Ripping, Internet Broadcasting, Various sound effects, Speed Control, Resume, Synchronized Lyric (Karaoke), Alarm & Timer, Equalizer, Superb Crystal-Clear Sound, Toolbar mod.

Changes in jetAudio 7.5.2 (May 18, 2009):
- DRC was active wrong
- Fixed Context menu in Windows Explorer
- Fixed Target Format selection in Audio Mixing Recorder
- When erasing CD/RW, message was displayed incorrectly
- Screen saver was activated even when playing video in Vista
- Sometimes subtitle was not displayed when playing DVD with internal video decoder
- Some unicode subtitles were displayed incorrectly
- Fixed other minor bugs

Download from Megaupload

Download from Rapidshare

Blu-Ray To DVD Pro 2.11

Blu-Ray To DVD Pro 2.11 | 8 Mb

Blu-ray to DVD II Pro gives you the freedom to enjoy Blu-ray movies on your DVD player, with almost the same quality!Now you can easily copy your Blu-ray movie to DVD or AVCHD with only one click. The built-in SmartExpress HD video codec module and SmartBurn burning engine will ensure an effective and fast burn. If the Blu-ray movie is encrypted, a third party decryption application, like Blu-Ray/HD DVD Copy Helper, is needed.

1.Blu-ray to DVD

* With only one click, you can compress a Blu-ray movie to one DVD-5 or DVD-9, or two DVD-5s
* Copies a Blu-ray movie to a DVD movie and save it on the harddisk drive
* The SmartExpress HD video codec module ensures an effective and fast burn
* The SmartBurn burning engine is the most stable and fast one tested by DVD-Cloner
* Compresses the harddisk Blu-ray movie to a DVD-R/RW or two DVD-5s
* Saves your desired audio track
* Burns the movie to more blank discs and you’ll get a better picture and sound effect ( “Blu-ray to two DVD-5” copy mode only)
* Copies a Blu-ray movie to a DVD movie and saves it on the harddisk drive
* Compresses the harddisk Blu-ray movie to a DVD
* Supports for all DVD players and DVD software player
* Copies encrypted Blu-ray movies with the help of a third-party Blu-Ray/HD DVD Copy Helper. ( Blu-Ray/HD DVD Copy Helper is not produced by OpenCloner Inc. OpenCloner Inc. will not be responsible for this product.) Click here to learn more.

2.Blu-ray to AVCHD

* With only one click, you can compress a Blu-ray movie to one AVCHD DVD-R/RW or DVD-R/RWs, which has a better video and audio effect. *1
* “1:1 copy” can perfectly copy a Blu-ray movie to DVDs without any compress or quality loss. *2
* Copies a Blu-ray movie to a AVCHD movie and save it on the harddisk drive
* The SmartExpress HD video codec module ensures an effective and fast burn
* SmartBurn burning engine. It is the most stable and fast validated many times by DVD-Cloner
* Compresses a harddisk Blu-ray movie to one AVCHD DVD
* Saves the audio track and subtitle you prefer
* Selects your desired resolution
* Burns the movie to more blank discs and you’ll get a better picture and sound effect Copies the harddisk Blu-ray movie to one AVCHD DVD-R/RW or multiple AVCHD DVD-R/RWs
* Supports for all the Blu-ray players and Blu-ray software player
* Copies encrypted Blu-ray movies with the help of a third-party Blu-Ray/HD DVD Copy Helper. ( Blu-Ray/HD DVD Copy Helper is not produced by OpenCloner Inc. OpenCloner Inc. will not be responsible for this product.) Click here to learn more.

1: AVCHD can’t be played back on DVD players. You need a Blu-ray player, like PS3, Sony BDP-S1 (1.55), Samsung BD-P 1200 and so on, or the software player in PC, like PowerDVD.
2: Since there isn’t any compression under 1:1 copy mode, four to ten blank DVDs are needed.

What’s new in Blu-ray to DVD II Pro:
· The burnt DVDs support for all the DVD players and DVD software player, and the burnt AVCHDs support for all the Blu-ray players and Blu-ray software players.
· A better video and audio effect.
· Burns more effectively and more quickly.
· Saves your desired audio track while copying Blu-ray to DVD
· Saves the audio track and subtitle you prefer while copying Blu-ray to AVCHD
· Copies a Blu-ray movie to a DVD/AVCHD movie and saves it on the harddisk drive
· Selects your desired resolution while copying Blu-ray to AVCHD

Download from Megaupload


Download from Rapidshare

LimeWire Pro 5.1.3

LimeWire Pro 5.1.3 Final | 18.70 MB

The Fastest P2P File Sharing Program on the Planet, running on the Gnutella Network. It is open standard software running on an open protocol, free for the public to use. LimeWire allows you to share any file such as.mp3s, .avis, jpgs, tiffs, etc., allows you to search for multiple files at the same time, available in several different languages, and is most famous for its ease-of-use and cross-platform compatibility. Limewire is written in Java, and will run on Windows, Macintosh, Linux, Solaris, and other computing platforms.

1. NO BUNDLED SOFTWARE OF ANY KIND! No spyware. No adware. Guaranteed.
2. Firewall to Firewall Transfers. Since about 60% of users are currently firewalled, this feature greatly increases the amount of content on the network.
3. Faster network connections. Using new "UDP Host Caches", LimeWire starts up and connects faster then ever before!
4. Universal Plug 'N Play. UPnP support allows LimeWire to find more search results and have faster downloads.
5. iTunes Integration. Windows users can now take advantage of LimeWire's iTunes integration.
6. Creative Commons Integration. LimeWire now recognizes OGGs and MP3s licensed under a Creative Commons License.
7. "What's New?" feature. Users can browse the network for the most recent content additions.
8. Search drill down results. Searches in LimeWire now immediately display the artists, albums and other information that fully describes files.
9. Proxy support. Users can now use web proxies to route their to protect their identity.
10. Support for International searches and International groups. Users can now search in any language, and LimeWire ensures that a user will be connected to other users with their own language to aide international users to receive search results in their native language and to find content from sources that are close to home.

LimeWire still has the following great features:
- Ease of use - just install, run, and search
- Ability to search by artist, title, genre, or other metainformation
- Elegant multiple search tabbed interface
- "Swarm" downloads from multiple hosts help you get files faster
- iTunes integration for Mac and Windows users
- Unique "ultrapeer" technology reduces bandwidth requirements for most users
- Integrated chat
- Directly connect to a computer
- Browse host feature--even works through firewalls
- Added Bitzi metadata lookup
- International versions: Now available in many new languages
- Connects to the network using GWebCache, a distributed connection system
- Automatic local network searches for lightning-fast downloads
- Support for MAGNET links that allow you to click on web page links that access Gnutella

Download Link

Final Uninstaller 2.2

Final Uninstaller | 2.28 MB
Repair and Speed up Your Computer Now with Final Uninstaller !

Final Uninstaller offers a new and better way to make your PC run more efficiently by cleaning up files and registry entries that were left after unsuccessful uninstallation. The program is based on a powerful leftovers database to support many functions of thoroughly scanning your computer, intelligently detecting leftover files of various programs, clearly listing applications that can be removed and completely uninstalling with only one click… This easy-to-use Final Uninstaller allows you to say goodbye to nerve-wracking leftovers and to speed up you PC performance.

Can't uninstall applications completely? Still have incorrectly uninstalled programs stuck in your computer? Being frustrated by repeated failures of installing new software? Now you find the right place!

Final Uninstaller provides ultimate uninstall experience for you:
• Thoroughly scan your entire Windows registry and drives
• Intelligently detect hidden leftover folders and files
• Safely and permanently uninstall nerve-wracking leftovers
• Provide user-friendly interface with1-click Scan and 1-click Clean
• Provide free technical support and online upgrade service

As the result of the increasing demand for greater functions, many applications are more and more complicated. Every program installation on Windows may cause the operating system to change in a big way, such as copying system files, modifying registry, generating log files, installing device drivers and system services. All of these operations will affect the system performance and occupy disk space. Installing and uninstalling software repeatedly is often the case, which will cause system slowdown, freezing or crashing. It may also lead to some mysterious error messages popping up or other new software can’t be installed correctly. Final Uninstaller has a scientific method of dealing with these problems.

Final Uninstaller uses a high-performance detection algorithm that will quickly identify the left-over files and registry entries of every program installed in your computer. With a few clicks, Final Uninstaller can thoroughly scan your entire Windows registry and drives and provide a list of the applications that are not completely uninstalled. After that you can choose to clean list items to get rid of those applications you don’t want.

Final Uninstaller has collected massive information of features that various left files have as its background database which supports real-time updating. The latest Final Uninstaller V 1.5 embodies features of stubborn leftovers of more than one hundred common applications.

Final Uninstaller key features:
* The powerful database embodies abundance of features that stubborn left files have.
* Realize real-time updating of database and free technical supporting.
* Scan left files intelligently and detect invalid uninstall entries accurately.
* Delete stubborn left-over files which Windows Add/Remove Programs can’t do.
* Delete stubborn left-over registry entries which Windows Add/Remove Programs can’t do.
* Safely uninstall stubborn drivers that are left by Windows Add/Remove program.
* Safely uninstall system services that are left by Windows Add/Remove program.
* 1-click Scan and 1-click Clean make removing applications and left-over files easily.

Download Link

Optical Illusions

289 Optical Illusions

289 Optical Illusions
425x425 /417x425/860x850/165x175/ 301x425/117x206... | 17.6 MB | JPG | GIF



Wedding Album Maker

Wedding Album Maker Gold 2.96 | 23 Mb

Wedding Album Maker is an easy-to-use software which allows you to create an amazing wedding photo album with background music, Pan&Zoom and transition effects. With Wedding Album Maker, you can quickly and easily produce professional-looking wedding photo slideshow DVD disc and share your love story and excitement of your wedding day on home big screen TV with standard DVD player in the comfort of your living room.
Sharing and viewing wedding photos in a slide show software format with friends and family has never been easier! With Wedding Album Maker, you can use your CD or DVD burner to make high quality photo slide show DVD disc in less than half an hour by yourself.

Features :

Create amazing DVD, VCD slideshows from your wedding photos, music - and burn them directly to a DVD or CD disc. Your family and friends can play your wedding slideshow discs on their TV with a DVD player, or on their computer. With Wedding Album Maker, you’ll create personalized discs that are as easy to use as an ordinary DVD. With more than 260 transition effects, you can easily share your love story and excitement of your wedding day with your friends and family.

With a few minutes of work, you’ll have an eye-catching slide show that will run on nearly any DVD players. Wedding Album Maker supports over 260 amazing transition effects with Pan&Zoom effect. It also supports Art-clips for each photo slide which adds amazing special effects for your wedding slideshow.

Amazing easy-to-use software helps you make wedding photo album and make photo video DVD disc playable on TV with DVD player.

If you are like most people these days, you’ve got thousands of digital photos stored on your PC and Flash cards. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could easily create a cool slide show and view it on your TV with family and friends.

Using this simple tool you can create multiple photo album collections, add transitions between your photos, add background music, and burn CD or DVD photo video discs playable on TV.

It’s one of the most special days in your life. But the time leading up to it can be one of the most stressful. Now, you can enjoy your wedding photos on TV in your living room with your friends, family. You can share your memorable moments by sending your wedding DVD discs to your friends, family who cannot attend your wedding.


Wedding Album Maker is a perfect tool for creating great looking wedding DVDs from your wedding photo collection. Emphasizing a variety of slideshow design features and a host of imaginative themes, Wedding Album Maker goes further by adding image modification and enhancement tools to its software package. All these, combined with an already comprehensive burning utility, give you a faster, easier way to build and enjoy your wedding photo album creations.
Key features of Wedding Album Maker include:

No Experience Necessary
Wedding Album Maker is simply the easiest to use slideshow software. It is designed to be easy enough for anyone in the family to use. You can create dynamic wedding slideshows with just clicks: Add your photos, design your movie menu, and burn your disc. You will find that you can perform all tasks in the most natural and intuitive way.

All-in-One Wedding Photo Album Maker
There’s no need for other CD or DVD burning software. Wedding Album Maker can do all from the beginning to the end to make a DVD slideshow. And, the whole steps are simple, fast and robust: the Burn-Proof (TM) technique which makes the DVD burning procedure more robust than ever!

Lovely Music, Transition Effects
Burn your slideshow with DVD motion menus and transition effects to DVD and watch it on TV using your DVD player. The slideshow editor includes all the tools you need to create eye-catching photo presentations. Wedding Album Maker enables you to add your favorite wedding music for your wedding slide show. We provide some of the most visually elegant effects available in the market. You can even customize many of these effects, giving you a virtually infinite selection.

Highest Resolution Format On TV
Wedding Album Maker optimizes your digital photo and uses the Highest Resolution format which is supported by most DVD players. This technique makes photo look great on TV.

Professional Hollywood-style DVD Menu Templates
Wedding Album Maker features a library of professionally designed menu backgrounds and frames. Ranging from playful to professional, you’re sure to find a background for any occasion.

Decorate Wedding Photos with Text and Arc Clips
The built-in What You See is What You Get photo editor makes it easy to add your own comments for your wedding photos. The position, font, color and shadow of the text are immediately shown with the photo. It also supports Art-clips for each photo slide which adds amazing special effects for your wedding slideshow.

Download from Megaupload

Download from Rapidshare

Beat Lab 7 - Music meets the truth (2009)

1. Addressing The Nation (Crucial & s.a.i.n.t. jon)
2. YES WE CAN (Tre9)
3. The Truth (Lunie 3:80l)
4. Headz Up (Yung Semaj feat. s.a.i.n.t. jon)
5. My Everything (Zee)
6. Freeze (D-MAUB)
7. We're In (Divenomous)
8. Better Than Before (Sir-Viva)
9. Face This ( The Luminary feat. Crucial)
10. Down Time (Wilchild feat. Sir-viva)
11. Beat Lab 7 Presents
12. Step Back (E. Quipped)
13. I'm Good (KamB.I.N.O.)
14. Gentrified (K-Drama)
15. Ain't No God Like Mines! (J. Flue)
16. Made To Worship (J.A.Z.)
17. Waiting On Us (Braille feat. s.a.i.n.t. jon)
18. Outro

CRD: Mismissimo


Tim Hughes - Happy Day (2009)

Totally recommeded!!!

1. Jesus Saves
2. Beautiful One
3. Give Us Your Courage
4. Here I Am To Worship
5. Remember
6. Happy Day
7. Dance
8. Consuming Fire
9. Be My Everything
10. We Won't Stay Silent
11. God Of Justice
12. When I Survey


Planetshakers - Deeper (2009)

1 The Victory
2 You Are Good
3 Nothing Is Impossible
4 Hear The Sound
5 Deeper
6 Jesus Reigns
7 My Saviour
8 All The Praise
9 The One
10 I Just Want You
11 Believe


Christafari and Friends - Reggae Redemption Songs II (2009 )

01. Revelation Come
02. Teachings of His Majesty
03. Atonement
04. My Redeemer
05. Drink for Free
06. Redeeming the Time
07. My Friend
08. Redeeming Son
09. God Bless
10. Bozrah/Reggae Redemption Dub
11. Dub Star Revolution
12. Heaven Above Roots Remix
13. All Around
14. Glory Honor and Praise
15. War
16. Keep on Preaching/Keep on Dubbin


Dennis Jernigan - Kingdom Come (2009)

01. I Believe
02. How Great is Our God
03. Yeshua
04. Holy Is Your Name
05. Come, King Jesus
06. Your Majesty
07. There is a King
08. If It Means More Glory
09. Reign, King Jesus
10. Hallelujah! He Reigns In Majesty
11. Jesus
12. We Run This Race
13. It's Gonna Be Alright
14. Overwhelm Me
15. Rest


Hillsong United - Across the Earth _ Tear Down The Walls (2009)

01. Freedom Is Here
02. No Reason To Hide
03. More Than Anything
04. King of All Days
05. Desert Song
06. Oh You Bring
07. Tear Down The Walls
08. Soon
09. You Hold Me Now
10. Arms Open Wide
11. Your Name High
12. Yours Forever


Press Play - Life Is Beautiful (2009)

1. Break It Out
2. I Give My Love
3. Say Say [feat. Tyler Williams & IROCC]
4. I Love Who You Are
5. Life Is Beautiful
6. Sound Of Love
7. Angels Sing [feat. Joel Bodker]
8. Fixation
9. Unashamed
10. Praise The Lord
11. I'm Alive
12. Fill This Place [feat. Darlene Zschech]
13. One Life



Doraemon is a Japanese manga series created by Fujiko Fujio (the pen name of Hiroshi Fujimoto and Motoo Abiko) which later became an anime series and Asian franchise. The series is about a robotic cat named Doraemon, who travels back in time from the 22nd century to aid a schoolboy, Nobita Nobi.

Free Download Doraemon 176x220

Free Download Doraemon 240x320

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire 10th Anniversary Mobile Java Games

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire 10th Anniversary Mobile Java Games by Glu Mobile - A special 10th anniversary edition of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? not only brings new questions, rich new graphics and innovative features, but also gives you a chance to win a cash prize with the bonus game! Relive the fun of the hit TV show on your mobile by playing Fastest Finger First, using those familiar lifelines and climbing the money tree to reach a virtual million!

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire 10th Anniversary 128x128 : Ziddu Depositfiles
Who Wants To Be A Millionaire 10th Anniversary 128x160 : Ziddu Depositfiles
Who Wants To Be A Millionaire 10th Anniversary 176x220 : Ziddu Depositfiles
Who Wants To Be A Millionaire 10th Anniversary 240x320 : Ziddu Depositfiles
Who Wants To Be A Millionaire 10th Anniversary UIQ : Ziddu Depositfiles

Super Water Bomber Mobile Java Games

Super Water Bomber Mobile Java Games
by Digital Chocolate 2008 - Attack bully gangs off the playground in up to 128 levels of water bomb battle fun in this instant classic action strategy game! Outsoak highschool bullies, vicious dogs and creepy boss clowns using an armory of up to nine different water balloon types and items - including TNT, Sniper and Cluster balloons! Complete missions in up to four different theme zones to make the city safe again for the kids!

Features :
  • Turn-based water bomb fighting in up to 128 challenging levels!
  • Arsenal of up to 9 super soaking water balloon types and special items- Jumbo, Sniper, TNT, Cluster and Timer balloons, and more!
  • Multiple enemy types – vicious dogs, mean high school kids, drop outs, creepy boss clowns and other surprise opponents!
  • Map of up to 4 city zones in which to root out the enemy – park, suburbs, downtown and carnival.
Super Water Bomber 128x128 : Ziddu Depositfiles
Super Water Bomber 128x160 : Ziddu Depositfiles
Super Water Bomber 176x208 : Ziddu Depositfiles
Super Water Bomber 176x220 : Ziddu Depositfiles
Super Water Bomber 240x320 : Ziddu Depositfiles
Super Water Bomber 320x240 : Ziddu Depositfiles
Super Water Bomber 352x416 : Ziddu Depositfiles
Super Water Bomber UIQ : Ziddu Depositfiles

My Health Coach: Stop Smoking with Allen Carr Mobile Java Games

My Health Coach 176x208 : Ziddu Depositfiles
My Health Coach 176x220 : Ziddu Depositfiles
My Health Coach 240x320 : Ziddu Depositfiles

My Health Coach: Stop Smoking with Allen Carr Mobile Java Games by AMA 2009 - Allen Carr is the world's leading expert on helping people give up smoking. By following his proven techniques you will be able to kick your addiction and not only is it much easier than you though, but a total confidence booster! Choose from one of Allen's six experts from across the globe to help tutor you through the application. Your chosen councillor will guide you through the quit smoking period and help you build your profile.

Use Allen Carr - the world's leading expert on helping people quit smoking as your mobile companion to help you kick the habit.

Super Sonix Mobile Java Games

Super Sonix 240x320 (Spanish): Ziddu Depositfiles

Super Sonix Mobile Java Games by mSolutions - You are Super Sonix, the more fun-loving and great devil in the universe. Your old enemies of the infancy, the wicked Unca-Bungos, have stolen the 6 magic lucky sugared almonds and your mission is to recover them.

Watchmen Mobile Java Games

Watchmen 240x320 : Ziddu Depositfiles

Watchmen Mobile Java Games by GLU 2009 - Become a masked vigilante to fight crime in WATCHMEN: The Mobile Game. Play as the stealthy Nite Owl, battling enemies in the gritty streets of New York City, or as brawling anti-hero The Comedian in the sweltering jungles of Vietnam. Use their unique arsenal of weapons and vigilante attacks and follow an original storyline straight from Rorschach’s journal! The clock is ticking and only the Watchmen can save us. But who is watching the Watchmen?

Watchmen Features :
  • Beat ‘Em Up Action – Play as the Comedian and Nite Owl, each with a unique repertoire of attacks, weapons and special moves.
  • Gameplay Variety –Fight your way through 17 levels, including sky missions in Nite Owl’s high-tech aircraft
  • Original Storyline – All new Watchmen experience can be appreciated by newcomers and diehard fans of the graphic novel
  • Classic Characters – Cameos from classic heroes and villains from the Watchmen universe, including Rorschach, Dr. Manhattan and more!
  • Multiple Environments – Non-stop action in Vietnam and the streets and skies over NYC

Spring Break Fever Mobile Java Games


Spring Break Fever 128x128 : Ziddu Depositfiles
Spring Break Fever 176x220 : Ziddu Depositfiles
Spring Break Fever 240x320 : Ziddu Depositfiles
Spring Break Fever 320x240 : Ziddu Depositfiles
Spring Break Fever SE X1 : Ziddu Depositfiles

Spring Break Fever Mobile Java Games by Gameloft 2009 - Live it up in the wildest Spring Break yet, with new mini-games, unlockable features and 48 challenges!

Spring Break Fever Features (may vary by handset) :
  • Take on 48 different challenges in 12 thrilling mini-games.
  • 2 ways to play: Story and Endless Mode, where you can try to set the high scores!
  • Party all over the place, including the beach, hotel, bar, a nightclub and even under the sea!
  • Get your feet wet with crazy new games or kick it old-school with spoofs of arcade classics

Spring Break Fever Cheat : In main menu, press *1973 for open the Cheats Option !
3: for all Beads ! And 4 for Unlock All !!! (found by me John)


SU-30 240x320 ENGLISH : Ziddu Depositfiles

SU-30 by HeroCraft 2009 - Take to the skies in your Su-30 and annihilate enemy targets on land, sea and air in an effort to put an end to global terrorism. The threat of global terrorism is at a new high, intelligence has led a group of the renowned Blade squadron of Su-30s to a remote location with the sole duty of ending this war forever. Your job as squadron leader Blade 1 is to infiltrate the enemy bases and bring down the terrorists at all costs.

Star Bugs Mobile Java Games

Star Bugs 128x128 : Ziddu Depositfiles
Star Bugs 128x160 : Depositfiles
Star Bugs 176x208 : Ziddu Depositfiles
Star Bugs 176x220 : Depositfiles
Star Bugs 240x320 : Depositfiles

Star Bugs Mobile Java Games By M-Solutions - Divertite this Star Bugs platform game about the parody Trilogy the most popular of the big screen. Hours of fun with your laser sword and all the great characters in this story.

Eternal Life Revival Mobile Java Games

Eternal Life Revival 240x320 (CHINESE) : Ziddu Depositfiles

Eternal Life Revival Mobile Java Games - Eternal Life Revival With the eternal faith, take the sword, settle the mixture of with or none idiodynamics. In the maze of revival, march on the journey, to figure out the life mystery of 150 years. “Eternal Life” befallen on the continent of Acadia! With an eternal body, however forgetting the dribs and drabs of the past; With powerful idiodynamics, however, bewildering at the real meaning of life. The magnificent epic story is the Tianyu’s pursue process of his id.

In the exciting double hits and combats, while dodging at a thread-hanging moment, in the brilliant discharge of idiodynamics, with Tianyu as your avatar, you can just enjoy the attractive gaming experience. In a movie-like story, with melodies composed by straying singers, by challenging “Worldwide No 1”, you, on the behalf of Tianyu, will ponder over the meaning of life. This game integrates elements of both Action and RPG game, as well as the WiSTONE concept of “Innovation and Happiness” , Eternal Life – Revival unveils the prelude of the legendary story.

Eternal Life Revival Instruction :
  • The direction Key or the number 2,4,6,8 key: Move
  • The center key or the number 5 key: Attack
  • The number 7 key: Dodging
  • The number 9 key: Idiodynamics
  • The left function key: Property
  • The right function key: Menu
  • The commendatory operation: Control the direction by left hand, the number 5,7,9 key by right hand.

Platinum Sudoku 2 Mobile Java Games

Platinum Sudoku 2 128x128 : Ziddu Depositfiles
Platinum Sudoku 2 128x160 : Ziddu Depositfiles
Platinum Sudoku 2 176x220: Ziddu Depositfiles
Platinum Sudoku 2 176x220 W810 : Ziddu Depositfiles
Platinum Sudoku 2 240x320 1 MB: Ziddu Depositfiles
Platinum Sudoku 2 240x320 600KB: Ziddu Depositfiles
Platinum Sudoku 2 240x320 W910i : Ziddu Depositfiles

Platinum Sudoku 2 Mobile Java Games by Gameloft 2009 - The multi-award winning Platinum Sudoku returns with a 2nd opus: ideal for a daily Sudoku dose! Enjoy its infinite lifespan with 2,000,000 puzzles to solve. Beginners, let your coaches teach you how to play. Masters, train and improve with tips and 3 number-based mini-games. Monitor your progress with the daily performance chart! You hold all the essential options in the palm of your hand: 5 difficulty levels, Custom and Solver mode, automatic check, hints and more. No pen or paper anymore, just millions of new challenges to take up!

Like a crossword puzzle with numbers, Sudoku games provide endless brain teasers. Learn from coaches and train in 3 mini-games that track your growth.
Welcome to samutsari-dito!

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